I thought long and hard about participating in today’s general strike. I feel that perhaps my voice is better used in taking a moment to communicate with you.

I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given in working with T4T. I am proud to play my part in evolving the garment industry, and retail culture in general, by aligning myself with a company committed to ethical and sustainable materials, sourcing and practices. I appreciate that we are B-Corp certified and that we collaborate with Women-owned businesses. I absolutely love the fact that our design and marketing teams use their platform to deliver empowering messages and take subtle and not-so-subtle stances on highly important issues. These are positive steps in the right direction. Thank you.

I am also keenly aware of the estimated 60 million women working in the worldwide garment supply chain, many of whom work inordinate hours in dangerous conditions for wages that do not meet the basic needs of their families. Many of these women face physical and/or sexual violence in male-dominated workplaces in which they have no appropriate channels to communicate their needs, advocate for themselves, or collectively bargain for better wages and conditions. The impacts of these women, and the conditions they work under, ripple out around the world in a multitude of seen and unseen ways. Look no further than the current political climate for evidence…suppressed wages and people in one place lead to suppressed wages and people in other places. We are making progress…and there is much work to be done.

Today I stand with my Sisters around the globe…I choose to do it from my desk because I believe in your commitment to make choices that move us forward. Thank you for your commitment…I look forward to making progress together.

In Solidarity,

Shannon Rice
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