Inauguration Day is around the corner and as we prepare for this new reality, the unreality and surprise at the election results are beginning to fade.

Last night I went to a special viewing at MOMA of an exhibit called Insecurities; Tracing Displacement and Shelter. Sadly, this exhibit is not a retrospective; in many ways it is a mandate as it serves as a stark reminder that this topic is relevant, immediate and demands our attention. As of this writing, 65 million people are displaced as a result of violence and there is no home for them. Their shelters, some of them displayed in this exhibit are often temporary, or, even worse, have become permanent camps housing hundreds on hundreds of thousands people who have no hope of returning HOME… and no hope of resettling and making a new home in a another country.

The United States has had a long history of welcoming refugees, and while the 90,000 or so that are admitted each year is 0.14 % of those that are displaced, for those who are fortunate enough to make it through the arduous vetting process and are admitted, it is an extraordinary opportunity. The gratitude that they feel is only surpassed by the contribution that they make to our economy and the richness they add to our society.

Threads 4 Thought proudly supports the work of the International Rescue Committee. I am proud to have served on the Board and as Co-Chair of the Board for many years. The work that the IRC does in war ravaged countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Sudan, Nigeria is essential to saving lives and rescuing those who struggle in the direst of conditions. In the United States, the IRC is the second largest resettlement agency welcoming refugees when they step off the plane, finding them a home, enrolling their children in school, and most important, helping them find jobs. We encourage you, our customers, to join us and advocate on behalf of all refugees. Strengthen your voice and wear the #refugeeswelcome tee shirt that you can buy on our site. All profits from the tee shirt are donated to the IRC.

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Inauguration Day is the beginning of a new era.. and each of us can influence where we go as a nation.

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