We all love sales and bargains…who doesn’t…but what if instead of getting a great deal you could contribute to some great causes simply by choosing to donate your discount?  What would you do?  That is exactly what we wanted to find out.  This entire week we are offering  everyone who makes a purchase at ThreadsForThought.com the opportunity to either Give their discount to charity or Take the discount against their total purchase.  To make this choice even more difficult, we are offering a whopping 40% off for the entire week!!

If you decide to Give your discount…your money will be going to some AMAZING organizations that we have fully vetted:  The International Rescue Committee (www.rescue.org) which serves people around the globe taking them from harm to home, Natural Resources Defense Council (www.nrdc.org) which works to protect our planet on all fronts & The Fisher House Foundation (www.fisherhouse.org) that helps military families be with our heroes while they are receiving the treatment that they need & deserve.  If you decide to take your discount…well…you will get some amazing bargains.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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