As we move towards the end of 2016, scientists at the World Meteorological Organization have concluded that there is a 90% chance that this year will be the warmest year ever recorded for Mother Earth.  The BBC reports that data collected from January through September 2016 shows that temperatures are 1.2C above the previous record that was set…drum roll please…last year in 2015.  The scientists stated that they expect that temperatures will stay warm enough through year end to break the record set just last year.  The BBC noted that El Nino plays a part in this, but that the main cause is the continued CO2 emissions that are being spewed into the atmosphere.

Scientists are also stressing that climate change is a reality and that evidence of that reality just continues to get stronger.  Once in a lifetime storms and sea level rise continue to become more & more serious.

This news is even more disappointing when considered alongside the election of Donald Trump to the White House with his promises to roll back environmental regulation, defund the Paris Climate Accord & appoint a climate change denier to lead the next chapter of America’s EPA.


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