How CoFounder Leigh Fleet lives Sustainably in an Urban Setting

Leigh and Eric live right outside New York City in the town of Hoboken, New Jersey.  Here are some tips on how the better half of the cofounding duo stays green in a city:

  • Shop local and organic

When shopping for food I make sure to buy local and organic as much as possible. I make a point to seek out local farmers’ markets when available, but I also frequent Sobsey’s Produce, my favorite local shop down the block. The owners are so helpful and they have an amazing supply of organic, natural and raw foods.  The majority of their selection comes from local markets, and their variety of vegetables, fish, herbs and even yummy specialty products like homemade cookies and sauces never disappoints. As I walk home from work I can pick up what I need for dinner or for the next day and toss the items in my T4T tote. This way the food is always fresh and I don’t overbuy and end up wasting food.

  • Dine at Responsible Restaurants 

When I eat out there are many delicious restaurants offering organic menus and farm-to-table experiences! Quartino’s is my favorite in New York City and while my favorite wine there isn’t local, it is organic and biodynamic from a small family vineyard in Italy.

When grabbing coffee on the go I love to support small coffee shops instead of the large chains. Not only are you helping your community, but these shops often also offer fair trade coffee and serve it in recycled materials or actual cups! One of my favorite places is Bwe in Hoboken.  The coffee is fair trade (and delicious) and proceeds from the coffee shop support local artisans and schools in Haiti.

  • Recycle and Reduce

Recycle and reduce! While cities like Hoboken and Manhattan work hard to stay on top of their recycling and trash pick up, seeing the piles outside on pick up night always amazes me.  I just can’t believe how much waste one apartment building can produce. It’s a huge reminder to be conscious of how much you are wasting and recycle as much as possible. Additionally, all of my household products are from green brands, like the Honest Company. 

  • Use Eco friendly beauty products

I absolutely love trying new eco-friendly beauty products and sometimes I even make my own. My friends and I try out ideas and share tips – like mixing virgin coconut oil with zinc oxide for a nontoxic sunscreen. It is so important to me that no harmful chemicals touch my skin, yet I want to make sure I’m still protecting myself from city smog, UV rays, etc.  I have tried a lot of eco brands, but I’m particularly loyal to the face care products by Acure.  My brother often teases me because all my face products are gluten free and vegan. He never fails to ask, “do you eat these?”

  • Enjoy Public Green Spaces 

In my free time I love to enjoy green spaces in the city.  It is always magical to find a beautiful garden or park in a bustling urban setting. The town of Hoboken has 17 green spaces and many of these are right on the waterfront offering a beautiful view of New York City’s skyline.  New York City also has amazing green spaces and beautiful parks – ranging from the vast Central Park to small neighborhood parks. My favorites are the small, almost hidden ones (like the park on 7th and Downing).

  • Use Public Transportation As Much as Possible

While its really easy & convenient to just hop in an Uber…and we all do it from time to time…try to utilize public transportation as much as possible. Not only does it help reduce emissions but it encourages these programs to continue provides financial support for them just by using them. Here in NY, I make use of all the options we have such as the CityBike program, NY Waterway ferries to get across the river, Path trains, subways & busses.


Leigh at BWE in Hoboken, NJ

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